1/15/13 - 2013 Chili Cook-Off!!



6/11/12 - Check us out on the Ohio Wine Month story on NBC Channel 4!!





1/14/12  -  8:15am  -  17 degrees  -  14 brave souls.

Picking of Vidal Ice Wine grapes!

The tedious task of removing two sets of nets before picking the frozen grapes.  Did we mention it was 17 degrees outside?




These grapes don't look too appetizing right now.  All shriveled and brown... but the sugar is way high, 38 brix to be exact; which will make for a supremely sweet ice wine!

Mmmm... fire to keep everybody (somewhat) warm.

Bringing in the lugs from the frozen tundra.

More picking.  Many grapes fall in the netting so grapes are actually harvested that aren't even attached to the vine.

Finishing up the last row... thankfully!


We didn't have too many grapes.  You typically loose about 75% of a normal grape yield due to excessive rot, birds, and weather related loses.  So, we didn't have to break out the big press.  We actually used an old apple basket press to press out the juice from the frozen grapes.  It was all done by hand.  That's the precious juice dripping into the bucket.  It's got the consistency (and sweetness) of fresh maple syrup.



11/21/10 - Join '50 CLUB' and get personalized glasses like our first members, Karla and Dave!!  It's free to sign up and you get the personalized glasses after just 50 bottles purchased.  Glasses are kept at the winery and they are yours to use whenever you have wine here!!


10/5/10 - Check us out on the Ohio News Network!  North Market Ohio Food and Wine Festival!!  We had a great time there!!



6/1/10 - Check us out on Ohio Wine TV!!



1/30/10 - The competition was fierce for the Soine Vineyards First Annual Chili Cook-Off!!  We had some great chili dishes and thanks to all who participated!!


12/12/09- Soine Vineyards Winemaker's Dinner Holiday Gathering



8/25/09- The first harvest of the season... Marechal Foch!


8/08/09 - A couple of pictures from the Jazz and sangria event.


4/27/09 - The first signs of spring.  After a couple of 80 degree days, the earliest of our red varieties, Marechal Foch, is beginning bud break. 

10/19/08 - The 2008 vintage has now been harvested.  It's been a busy season!  Here are a couple of pics...

Above:  A couple vines with Cabernet Franc still hanging.

Above:  Close up shot of Cabernet Franc cluster during harvest. 

Above:  Just finished pressing the Seyval in the bladder press.  All that was left was the 'cake' or the leftover skins and seeds.

8/13/08 - The grapes are now going through what is called 'veraison.'  Veraison is a grape growing term that describes a critical phase in the growth of a grape when it begins to change colors.  Red grapes turn their characteristic red to ruby red color and whites begin changing from green to a more golden color.  During veraison the sugar content begins to rapidly increase and the acid content begins to fall.  The flavor profile begins to mature and the 'green' or 'herbacious' flavors give way to more subtle fruit and floral flavors.   A couple of pictures of some grapes going through veraison are below (the first is Seyval, the second is Steuben):


8/3/08 - We have put up netting on the Marechal Foch grapes.  They are an early ripening variety that is very dark red.  The birds love these grapes and last year we lost almost the entire crop to birds because we netted too late.  This year we didn't make the same mistake!

7/21/08 - We are one of three wineries featured in the August Edition of the statewide publication Ohio Magazine.  Check out the article here!!


6/12/08 - I just took a picture of the winery from the Traminette rows just because I thought it looked cool...


6/9/08 - 'Ladies night out' with a group from the nearby Scioto Reserve community. 

6/7/08 - The much anticipated 2007 Chambourcin has been bottled and is ready for release.

5/25/08 - We've received an 'expansion of premises' from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control which means that you can enjoy our wine on the newly built deck as well as throughout the vineyard.  We think the deck turned out great!!



5/19/08 - We've been added to the Ohio Wine Producers Association Capital City wine trail.  Soine Vineyards, along with five other central Ohio wineries, will be hosting the 'Summer's for Grillin' wine trail event during the June 20-21 and June 27-28 weekends.  Please see for more information and registration.

4/12/08 - Opening day!  Our opening day turnout was great!  The tasting room was packed all day despite the chilling rain and cool temperatures.

3/15/08 - Update - The 2007 Riesling was bottled last weekend.  Our Fusion blend is being bottled today.  The Nouveau and Cayuga White will be bottled within the next two weeks.  Chambourcin will be bottled the first week in June with the Seyval some time in late summer.

3/8/08 - This is supposed to be March!!

Blizzard of '08

12/27/07 - We received our A2, B2A, and S permits from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control today!!  We are now able to legally sell wine in the State of Ohio.  Thanks to everybody's support and words of encouragement! 

Look for our opening in late March.  We will be releasing four wines at that time.  They will be: Riesling (off-dry), Cayuga White (semi-sweet), Fusion (sweet blush), Nouveau (fruity, dry red).  We anticipate the release of two additional wines by mid-summer which will be: Chambourcin (full bodied red) and Seyval (dry white).  Best wishes to all for the upcoming year and we look forward to seeing all of you in the near future!!!

12/6/07 - We had six inches of snow last night, the skies cleared and the temperature plummeted.  The arctic air mass was so much colder relative to the newly fallen snow that freezing fog occurred and this is what it looked like....


10/29/07 - The first hard freeze of autumn.


10/13/07 - The Chambourcin crush...

9/21/07 - Soine Vineyards has just received approval of the basic permit from the Federal Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)!  We can now manufacture and blend wine (uh, we just can't sell it yet)!!  Now it's on to approval from the State of Ohio Department of Liquor Control to get the A-2 permit which allow us to sell. 

8/31/07 - The winery is almost complete!!


8/19/07 - Look for our feature article in the "Dry Run" section of the October-November edition of Winemaker Magazine.


8/18/07 - We harvested our young Seyval Blanc vines today!  Here's some of the crop.


High school friend Marc stops in from Atlanta to help out for the day.  He stopped by to say hello... so we put him to work!!


7/31/07 - Congratulations are in order!! We won two first place blue ribbons at The Ohio State Fair wine competition!!  Our signature white wine, the Cayuga White varietal placed first in the dry white hybrid grape division.  Our Landot Noir premium red wine placed first in the dry red hybrid grape division.