Good Earth

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Locally grown grapes prodicing destinclvely local wines


Red Grapes

—  Steuben  —


—  Chambourcin  —


—  Landot Noir  —


—  Cabernet Franc —


—  Concord —

White Grapes

—  Cayuga White  —


—  Seyval Blanc  —


—  Traminette —


—  Vidal Blanc —


—  Cayuga-Riesling Hybrid —



Four hundred million years ago shallow seas teaming with life once covered what is now Central Ohio.  Ocean sediments deposited at the bottom of this sea consolidated over millennia.  These deposits formed a layer of calcium-rich rock known as limestone.  Nearly 15,000 years ago this limestone bedrock was buried under glacial walls of ice advancing from the north.  The slow moving ice ground up rock and brought nutrient-laden soils from the Canadian plains.  The ice receded and left some of the most fertile ground on Earth.  This culmination of geologic events provides the perfect setting for the cultivation of high quality and distinctly Ohio wines.