Good Wine


—  Wine list  —

White Wine

—  2015 Chardonnay  —
Dry white with vanilla and coconut tones.  Complimented with grapefruit and banana aromatics.

—  Soleil  
Full-bodied dry white.  Reminiscent of Chardonnay. Slight oak tones with mild creamy butter character.  

—  2015 Cayuga White  
Off-dry with 1% residual sugar.  Fragrant nose with pronounced rose and grapefruit aromas.  Medium-bodied with moderate floral notes.

—  Serenity  
Medium sweet white crafted from a proprietary blend of three grapes.  Provides complex fruit suggestive of apple and citrus.

—  2016 Traminette  
Spicy fruit character with excellent apricot and honey flavors.

—  2016 Riesling  
Cold fermented in the style of a classic German white with strong citrus and apple characteristics.

—  2015 Seyval Blanc  
Crisp white wine with noticeable grapefruit and lychee flavors.  Medium sweet.

—  2014 Ice Wine  
Dessert wine made from the Vidal Blanc grape.  Vidal ice wine bursts with aromas of apricot, peach, and honeysuckle.



Red Wine

—  Duove  —
Full bodied with modest oak tones.  Smooth tannin with cherry and black pepper notes.

—  2015 Chambourcin  
Medium bodied with noticeable oak.  Modest fruit suggestive of blackberry and cherry with strong black pepper.

—  2016 Landot Noir  
Mild, velvet smooth red complemented with soft tannin.  Hints of light fruit suggestive of cherry and slight pepper tones.

—  Nouveau  
Light bodied sweet red with notes of cherry and currants.

—  Autumn Harvest  
Light red with strong fruit and spice.  Made from the Steuben grape.  Well balanced when served warm with mulling spices.

—  Fusion  
Light, sweet and fruity.  Made from the Catawba grape.  Fusion is the perfect summer day refreshment.




Quality wine comes from quality grapes.  Soine Vineyards prides itself on the production of high quality European, French-hybrid, and native American wine grapes.  Our grapes are painstakingly tended to in the vineyard and our wines are meticulously handled from fermentation to the bottle.  Each wine is hand-crafted to represent both the natural characteristics of the grape and the winemaker's stylistic preferences.  Unique blending and vinification techniques provide results that are unlike any other wine produced in the region.